For the World

SL&Co. is a future-forward lab located
in Toronto. Our innovations are
based upon the simple idea
that less does more.


Clean Ingredients

We firmly believe in using only 100% natural and clean ingredients.

Water Conscious

When most of the products we use on a daily basis contain up to 90% water, we believe it’s time to change how we formulate products. By using no water, this means we create less waste and require zero preservatives.

Reduced Waste

We create purposeful packaging without any extra waste or unnecessary details.


We’re a disruptive brand that is steps ahead of the industry. We take the things we all do every day and rethink them, with a more health-minded, environmentally conscious state of mind.

The things we do every day
to care for ourselves and our homes
should have as little impact on
the world as possible.


Who We Are

SL&Co. is made up of mother-son duo Thomas and
Susanne. Susanne leads the ingredient
sourcing and product design side, while Thomas brings
his clear brand vision and communication
knowledge to the brand.


Susanne Langmuir

The birth of SL&Co. marks Susanne Langmuir’s return to the world of beauty and health, following a two-year hiatus spent grappling with her diagnosis with an autoimmune disease. While travelling in Japan in 2019, Susanne discovered a novel approach to skincare formulation and a thoughtful culture around product design and packaging. This experience sparked the creation of SL&Co, a future-forward lab. This space will offer a variety of unique launches, including product experiences that support a healthy lifestyle. With over 20 years of natural ingredient formulation experience, launching skincare is Susanne’s next foray into disruptive beauty formulation. Susanne relies on her intuition, curiosity and fearless nature to stay hyper focused and transcend industry boundaries.


Thomas Langmuir

Raised by entrepreneurs, Thomas had a front row seat to risk-taking perseverance and ambitious leaps as he witnessed dozens of natural lifestyle launches over his lifetime.  As the next generation, Thomas knows that sustainability will be more than a goal, it will be a necessity for everyday living. At the company, he will be leading this charge, ensuring that SL&Co.’s brands far exceed this purpose.